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Wisdom Teeth Removal: Two Key Facts To Know Beforehand

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure that many teenagers and adults undergo. What’s the purpose of wisdom teeth? There really is no sensible reason for them! Wisdom teeth can cause severe pain or be completely harmless, however, having them removed can prevent further issues in the future. Our oral health professionals at Lumina Dental are committed to helping you keep your oral hygiene in optimal condition and prevent pain and irritation from starting.

Nervous about the wisdom teeth removal procedure? Don’t fret, take a look at our dental clinic in Maple Ridge’s list of the five key things to know before your wisdom teeth removal appointment to ease those nerves.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Can Prevent Future Oral Health Issues

Even though your third set of molars isn’t causing you to wince and whine in pain, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t causing any issues whatsoever. The teeth may be fastened or impacted in the mouth, which means the molars cannot break through the jaw and settle in your mouth. 

Your mouth may be too small to accommodate extra teeth or the wisdom teeth could be angling towards other teeth. If that occurs, they can damage the teeth in close proximity and cause immense pain. Removing healthy wisdom teeth before they cause these issues is beneficial to avoid extensive pain after surgery. Wisdom teeth removal can also prevent the following:

  • Overcrowding of teeth at the back of your mouth
  • Wisdom teeth being impacted in the jaw
  • Tooth decay which leads to gum disease in the wisdom teeth

Allowing Yourself Time To Recover Is Necessary

The wisdom tooth removal procedure is a surgery that is done with compassion and consideration for the patient. Given a local anesthetic to numb are and sedation to keep pain away, our dental professional will extract the tooth in a methodical way and often apply dissolvable stitches afterward. You may be prescribed painkillers to alleviate some pain, and the additional recovery time functions as follows:

  • The gauze you are given post-surgery should be changed periodically to dry blood and saliva and ensure your comfort.
  • Avoid biting the inside of your tongue or mouth area at all costs.
  • Keep your head propped upwards with a pillow to avoid lying flat and stop fluids from rushing to your head and keep swelling at bay.
  • Use a cold compress or ice pack at 15-minute intervals during the first day.
  • Allow yourself time to relax, avoiding physical activities or being too mobile.
  • Digest only liquid-based foods, including soups or very soft foods that will not require much chewing. Do not use straws.

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