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5 Common Complaints Heard by Your Dentist

Brush twice a day to keep bacteria at bay, as dentists say; but how many of us do so diligently? With the number of toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash brands available these days, lack of dental hygiene is no excuse for anyone. Yet, the most common complaints are precisely that – lack of proper dental hygiene.

The other common complaint is the bills that follow. Dental clinics are expensive. Simple treatments can cost you thousands of dollars. Here is what you should know about common complaints heard by your dentist so you know how to prevent them and curb the high bills that follow in the simplest possible way: regular checkups.

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Painful Cavities

They are as old as the first tooth that sprouted in the human species. It’s hard to avoid them, especially if you don’t brush twice a day. Cavities are nothing but tooth decay caused by bacteria in your mouth. They wear down the tooth with plaque producing acids, leave a little hole or nasty black spots in your tooth. If neglected, that little hole can act up, causing you a lot of pain. Go to your dentist the moment you feel unpleasant sensations activated by sweet treats. This is the most common problem for all. Make sure you brush after that tall ice-cream cone.

Smelly Halitosis

That’s the fancy word for bad breath; but there’s nothing fancy about bad breath. You can blame it on the foods you’re consuming or poor digestion creating acid buildup, but really, there’s no excuse. Bad breath is caused by bad dental hygiene that causes tartar buildup in your teeth and gums. If you ignore it, the bacteria will infect the gums and you may be sitting with gingivitis – a very painful gum infection. Don’t forget to floss after you brush!


Too much of anything isn’t good for you. The same applies to brushing too. Aggressive brushing with hard toothbrushes is as dangerous as improper dental care. It can push back the gums shielding your teeth, leading to a condition called Receding Gums or Periodontitis. Don’t be too hard on your teeth, care for them gently.


Like any dental condition, aphthous ulcers are painful lesions or sores. Unlike the above conditions, these usually go away after a couple of days. Caused by stress, improper digestion or diet, ulcers are common to all. If it happens once too often, give us a call.

Malformed Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth take their time to grow, but when they do, they can give you a lot of pain if they emerge at an awkward angle. Often, your dentist may advise you to remove them. They usually start peeping out in your late teens or early 20’s. If your teeth are crooked and they have little room to grow, they can be impacted, causing jaw pain, swelling, bleeding gums or difficulty opening your mouth. About 60 to 70 percent of all wisdom teeth are impacted, medical experts say. Regular dental X-rays can help your dentist spot them early and track their growth.

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