7 Warning Signs You Need Dentures!

Do you suffer from persistent tooth problems? Are you looking for permanent relief? Perhaps it’s time for you to consider dentures.

Even though most of us have seen aged loved ones with dentures, we don’t see ourselves getting there. About 60% of respondents in a survey by Prevention.com admitted that they don’t see themselves in that bracket because they have good dental habits. Yet, about 19% of women over the age of 40 reportedly wear full or partial dentures, according to the Fixodent Beauty & Aging Survey. Each year, that number is on the rise.

How do you know you need dentures? Here are a few warning signs.

7 Signs that You are Headed for Dentures

  1. You have more cavities than you can count

  2. You have loose teeth

  3. Many of your teeth have fallen out

  4. You have overly sensitive teeth

  5. You have trouble chewing on hard, fibrous or tough foods

  6. The gaps between your teeth are widening

  7. You suffer from gum disease, sore or bleeding gums often

Many of these are related to each other. Chronic gum diseases or gingivitis can loosen your teeth and move them further apart. In most cases, periodontal treatment or tooth extraction is needed. Gum disease especially is more common than you think with three out of four adults suffering from this condition at some stage in their lives.

If you go for regular dental check-ups, your doctor can catch the signs before it worsens and treat it on time. If you evade check-ups and gum disease goes undetected, it can turn into a very painful condition and lead to tooth loss, and possible dentures.

It is important to stay on top of oral hygiene so you can retain your natural teeth and avoid expensive and extensive dental corrections. It is best to visit your dentist twice a year to keep tooth decay and diseases at bay. The doctors at Lumina Dental say that once cavities advance or gums get weaker, you could head for dentures.

Other Reasons to Consider Dentures

Sometimes, the symptoms are not easily detected. If you suffer from repeated indigestion, for example, the source could be serious dental issues. Chipped teeth, infected gums or deep cavities may prevent you from chewing on your food properly resulting in partially digested food that irritates your intestines. Timely visits to your dentist can prevent this. If it worsens, dentures could provide relief.

Sometimes patients choose to get dentures for cosmetic dental correction. In many cases when protruding front teeth are not corrected with braces early, dentures could be an aesthetic choice later on in life. According to the Fixodent Beauty and Aging Survey, 67% of women say they smile more often since getting dentures.

Consult Lumina Dental for Oral Care and Dentures in Maple Ridge, BC

At Lumina Dental, we understand that dental corrections can be painful and a concern for many. We also stress the need for regular checkups and timely treatment to lessen the pain and ensure you retain your natural teeth for as long as possible.

If you need dentures, you’re in the right hands with our experienced and recognized doctors. We offer full or partial denture options with a gentle hand. Our dentures are high-quality, durable, secure and comfortable.