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Tips for dealing with your fear of dentists

Did you know that Dentophobia is an official term that describes the acute fear of dentists? If you fear dentists, don’t worry, along with you more than 40% of Canadian population fear dentists. Many people have a paralyzing fear when it comes to facing the dentist. However, this fear can sometimes result in serious dental implications in the long term.

Here are some tips for dealing with ‘dentophobia.’

Acknowledging the fear

The best and first approach to dealing with fear is to acknowledge and accept the fear. Denial is the worst way to deal with it as it pushes you away from resolving the issue. Be honest with yourself and your dentist about your fear. Most dentists know that the fears are real and will help you to manage the fear efficiently during your appointment.

Sedation dentistry

One of the best ways to deal with your fear is to ask your dentist for sedation dentistry options. It is a practice in which dentists may administer a mild sedative so you can experience a calm and relaxed mental state as you go ahead with your treatment. Sedatives may include some intravenous, local, oral or anesthetic drugs. However, not all dentists are qualified for this so speak to your dentist in advance to see what they can do for you.


Do you know many dentists put on an engaging movie, play songs or keep talking to distract their patient’s minds from the procedure? You can choose to carry your headphones and downloaded music to take your mind off from the process.

Having a close relative

Having a close relative come along for your dental appointment can be such relief as they can provide some extra comfort and support throughout the appointment. They can give you the reassurance that you need. You may also want to book the first appointment of the day. That way you will not be stuck in anxiety and fear all day until your appointment.


Positive affirmations, meditation and other self-relaxation techniques go a long way when it comes to managing fear. Try some relaxation techniques, such as slow breathing, to calm yourself down whenever you feel scared or anxious.

Knowing what to expect

One of the most effective technique to manage fear is to know in advance. Often fear is a result of not knowing what to expect. Have your dentist speak to you regarding what to expect in your treatment. Ask questions and concerns and understand what procedure will be performed on your tooth and why. Having visibility on what to expect can significantly reduce anxiety.

Therapeutic relief

If your fear is deterring you from visiting a dentist, talk to a qualified therapist. They will be able to help you with some formal counselling on how to think positively and affirmatively about your dental health and the need to visit dentists. This will help you in dealing with fear.


Dealing with fear of dental work is a legitimate issue for everyone. Maybe in different degrees. At Lumina Dental, we are cognizant of this issue and make sure that each patient feels well cared for and comfortable at our clinic. If you are experiencing dental discomfort and are worried about visiting a dentist, call our clinic and schedule an appointment to speak to our doctors.