Reasons to Use Sport Mouthguards

Competitive sports are on the rise and increased numbers of adolescents are beginning to partake in aggressive activities. Maxillofacial injuries are common in competitive sports and pose prolonged harm that can require expensive dental procedures. Participating in sports without a protective mouthguard puts players at a high risk of severe dental and head injuries. A blow to an athlete’s head also impacts jaws and teeth, sending a shock to the neck and spine.

The types of dental injuries that can occur while playing sports without a mouthguard include root fractures and chipped teeth. Avulsion injuries entail the entire tooth, along with its root, getting severely injured and removed from the gum. Luxation involves the tooth getting knocked out of position, barely remaining fixated in the mouth.

Sports, especially the kind where contact with other players and objects is certain, requires protection of a professionally-built mouthguard that can shield your teeth and mouth. Good quality mouthguards go beyond protecting you from harmful injuries and prevent concussions during blows to the head.

All types of mouthguards provide a reasonable level of protection from injuries but vary regarding effectiveness, comfort, and price. It is crucial for a mouthguard to be comfortable and resistant to tearing. It should fit well in your mouth without impeding the breathing or speech of the user, and structured for easy clean. A mouthguard is easy to use and can protect you from a lot of harm.

Reasons to use Night Guards

Bruxism, a condition that entails grinding and clenching your teeth, affects numerous people. Stress mainly causes bruxism. While alleviating anxiety can result in overall good sleep patterns, it is vital to protect your teeth from damages by wearing night guards.

Night guards can prevent the upper teeth from contacting the lower teeth, thus, decreasing the effects of clenching and grinding your teeth. Conditions, like temporomandibular disorders and bruxism often cause toothaches, headaches, tooth sensitivity, jaw pain, neck aches, muscle fatigue, and spasms. To relieve the pain, it is essential to use a night guard that will align your teeth and bite.

Night guards are custom made for comfort. They help reduce tensions in your muscles and jaw joints, which can result in painful sleep, breathing problems, and snoring at night. Night guards are built to keep your jaw apart to improve breathing while sleeping that results in a more relaxing sleep.

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