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Cracked Tooth Syndrome

What is cracked tooth syndrome? Well, if a tooth has cracked but not yet broken apart, your dentist will need to remove the broken bits before an infection can sprout. While tooth enamel is the hardest substance within the human body, including bone, stress, wear and tear or injury can cause it to fracture. There are many different types of cracks that your teeth can experience, depending on the location and severity of it. Even perfectly healthy teeth are vulnerable to cracks that are bad enough that the entire tooth needs to be removed.

How it Differs from Chipped Teeth

When the enamel of a tooth crack, it can’t be refilled with more enamel. Chipped or fractured teeth need to be filled with another material in order to effectively repair the damage. Teeth that are cracked or broken from the gum line and up can be rebuilt in some form. But if the crack runs down to the root of the tooth, below the gum’s surface, then the entire tooth needs to be removed. There’s no fixing a fracture that far down.

Associated Symptoms

If you’re experiencing pain in a certain region of the mouth when you chew or bite down, are sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, have a loose tooth or encounter occasional toothaches, then you might have a cracked tooth. To be sure, visit your dentist so a full examination can be done to determine the severity of the fracture or if there’s one at all.

Early detection and the appropriate treatment can minimize the risks of developing an infection or cavity. However, sometimes there are little to no symptoms associated with a cracked tooth, and dental images won’t show a clear sign that something’s amiss.

Prevention Methods

If you’re worried about cracking a tooth, there are several preventative steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of that occurring. If you find that you grind your teeth at night, which can lead to a cracked tooth depends on the amount of pressure you exert, then consider getting a night guard. Whether it’s made by your dentist or purchased in-store, this device will prevent your teeth while you sleep. Mouthguards can also be used during the day, particularly if you play high impact sports.

Try to avoid chewing on hard surfaces like ice or pencils. And don’t use your teeth to open or hold objects, as that’s a sure way to damage your teeth. When you’re eating foods that contain bones, be careful not to chew too forcefully. Seeds, kernels and pits are also easy ways to crack a tooth.

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